about me past work

Who is this?

I'm a software developer specialising in low level systems software (operating systems, embedded software, assembly/C/C++). I previously worked for Google, where I spent the last three years working on account security and anti-spam systems. I now focus on the Bitcoin virtual currency system.

You can email me at mike@plan99.net or visit my Google+ profile, or contact me on Freenode IRC where I go by the nickname "hearn".

Previous work

Before I worked on anti-spam, I was an on-call operator for Google Maps and Earth in the site reliability team, I worked on Windows emulation technologies and did various small contracts in the software industry.


I have given talks on Bitcoin and the future in general.

Fighting for the right to be ruled by machines, at The Conference in Malmo

General thoughts on Bitcoin and how it's doing, how it might work out

A talk on autonomous agents

Future of Bitcoin and rebuilding the financial system